Easier, better or both?


There is quite an art (and science) to making a good fire. Since having our new stove installed, our fire-making skills have improved daily. We can now get the fire going on the first lighting – most days. We have experimented with a variety of woods and have been fascinated to see how log size, tree species and degree of seasoning really do affect how well the wood burns (as all our “stove veteran” friends have been telling us).

After testing wood from a number of sources, we have decided to buy our logs from Tiddesley Wood, a nature reserve near Pershore. Their logs come from mixed woodland and are well seasoned, as they are stored for at least 2 years before being cut. As a result, their wood burns beautifully and the seasoning ensures that we can avoid the perils of a spluttering, popping and smoky fire. The woodland is sustainably managed and the profits from log sales go towards wildlife conservation.

As this is one of Tiddesley’s log-sale weekends, hubby popped over there today to load up his car with luverly firewood. We are so pleased to have our little Clearview stove and to have found such a super source of wood. This great combination is better than heating with oil in so many ways.

Wood Burning Stove

We live in a rural village and currently use oil to heat our house and water. We moved here from a  suburban house on the gas grid and have been amazed at how much more costly the oil-based heating system is. We are therefore exploring cheaper and greener energy sources.

Wood is a good option for us, as it is a renewable resource and is available at a fair price from beautiful woodlands nearby. No messy drilling or mining required! So we decided to invest in a wood burning stove.

We researched the myriad of models available for months and Clearview stoves stood out as having a wildly enthusiastic owner-base.  After a couple of visits to the gorgeous Clearview showroom in Stow-on-the-Wold and a home visit from their knowledgeable and enthusiastic installer Richard, we settled on a Clearview Pioneer 400, which was installed over 3 days this summer. This is our first wood burning stove, so we’ll keep you posted on our experiences as we get used to life with the “new baby”.